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Old Vers. Professional MB Eis Esl Gateway Testing Tool Full Set


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Test EZS / EIS thanks to the emulator inside our device
Thanks to the multiplexer inside our device you can control

Mercedes EIS Tester Overview:

The Mercedes EIS & ESL testing tool designed for on-bench testing of Electronic Ignition Switch EZS (EIS), Electronic Steering Lock ESL (ELV), Mercedes EIS bypass, Dashboard & gateway it comes with built-in Electronic Steering Lock ESL Emulator inside and has automatically mode switching between old and new versions of steering lock emulators.

The Mercedes Benz EZS, EIS, ELV, ESL, Dash & Gateway tester enables you to test the Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS / EZS) with the car Electronic Steering Lock (ESL / ELV) or with the Emulator if original ESL / ELV is not available using ESL Emulation mode which is built-in.

You can run Mercedes EZS test for both old (Motorola based EZS) and new (NEC based EIS) units without the car, just connect it with the EIZ ELV test cables and test the EIS or test the keys if they are working & program or repair the steering lock ELV.

The new Generation comes with built-in ESL / ELV Emulator for W204, W207 to test the EIS without the original ESL / ELV (must be programmed before testing)

The Mercedes Benz EIS test platform can be used with most Mercedes key programming devices, and it will help you when you are doing Mercedes EIS repair service, it is much better than all Mercedes EIS ELV test platform & Mercedes EZS tester kit in the market between all Mercedes EZS ESL tester devices

No additional Mercedes EIS ELV test kit / Mercedes steering lock tester is required as it comes with the full range of cables

Supported Mercedes EIS / EZS Testing, Mercedes EZS Password Reading:

  • W208 / W210 (Embedded Emulator)   Support: Read EIS password + ELV test + Obd control
  • 209 / W211 (Embedded Emulator & Embedded Gateway)   Support: Read EZS password + ELV control + Obd control
  • W169 / W245 (Embedded Emulator & Embedded Gateway)   Support: password reading + Elv control + Obd control
  • W203 / W639 / VITO (Embedded Emulator)   Support: password reading + Mercedes ESL test + Dashboard control + Obd control
  • W906 / CRAFTER / SPRINTER (Embedded Emulator)   Support: password reading + Elv control + Dashboard control + Obd control
  • W215 / W220   Support: EZS password reading + Obd control
  • W204 / W207 / W212 (W204/W212 Embedded Emulator)   Support: EIS password reading + W204 EIS renew + W204 steering lock control + program ELV Emulator for W204 + Obd control + Dashboard control to test instrument cluster & programming
  • W164   Support: W164 EIS password reading (Embedded Gateway) + Obd control
  • W221   Support: W221 EZS password reading + EIS erase password reading + W221 EIS renew + Obd control
  • W246   Support: W246 EIS password reading + Dashboard control + Obd control
  • New – W212   Support: W212 EIS password reading + EZS erase password reading + W212 EIS renew + Dashboard control + Obd control
  • New – W447 / W176 new model (FBS4 + FBS3)   Support: EIS password reading + Dashboard control + Elv control + Obd control
  • New – W222 / W205 new model (FBS4 + FBS3)   Support: EZS password reading + Dashboard control + Obd control
  • Mercedes ESL Testing & Programming Steering Lock ESL / ELV:
  • W204 / W207 / W212 support read / Write OBD control (EZS / Renew W204 ESL / ELV Testing / ELV Personalize)
  • W208 / 210 support read / Write OBD control (EZS / ELV Testing platform / ELV Personalize)
  • W209 / W211 support read / Write OBD control (EZS / ELV steering lock testing / ELV ESL Personalize)
  • W203 / W639 / VITO support read / Write OBD control (EZS / ELV Testing / ELV steering lock Personalize)
  • W906 / CRAFTER / SPRINTER support read / Write OBD control (Mercedes EZS / Bypass ELV & Testing original car ELV / ELV Personalize)
  • NEW – W447 / W176 support read / Write OBD control (EZS / ELV Testing / ELV Personalize)


–   (VVDI MB Mercedes Benz ECU Renew Cables Adapters Kit compatible)

This Mercedes EIS tester – EIS testing tool is compatible with many Mercedes key programming devices:

  • Xhorse VVDI MB Tool
  • Abrites AVDI
  • IEA ZED-FULL Auto key programmer
  • CGDI Mercedes key programmer

And others …

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